Since 2016, we set out on our mission to become the largest advertising agency the world has seen. We will soon be at the forefront of nearly every major advertising and marketing campaign's. This goal that we have set our eyes on will not only come from focusing on the leadership with in our own company but also with the services and products we are delivering to our clients.  


Our Mission

MyersMedia's mission is to connect and illuminate how products and services will improve people's lives. How we will do this is through the power of positive commercial's as well as online, social media and internet marketing. Delivering high caliber, first class service to our clients. This is built upon accomplishing the most with our people. Providing challenging opportunities. Acknowledgment and appreciation for achievement, job enrichment, and the maximum responsibility.  

Treat them as grown-ups- and they will grow up. Help them in difficulty. Be affectionate and be human
— David Ogilvy

the corporate culture of myersmedia,

set down by craig myers, Modeling after the greats

  • We make a commitment to your marketing program

  • We think of your marketing program as our investment.

  • We see to it that your program is consistent.

  • We will make our clients confident in our agency.

  • We will be patient in order to keep a commitment

  • We see that marketing is an assortment of weapons.

  • We will use measurement to judge the effectiveness of weapons.

  • We know that profits come subsequent to sale.

  • We must aim to run our agency in a way that makes it convenient for our customers.

  • We will put an element of amazement into our marketing.

  • We will prove our involvement with customers and prospects by our regular follow-up with them.

  • We will learn to become dependent on other business and they on us.

  • We will be skilled with the armament of technology.

  • We will use marketing to gain consent from prospects, and then broken that consent so that it leads to a sale.

  • We will sell the content of our offering rather than the style, we will sell the steak and the sizzle, because people are often to sophisticated to merely buy the sizzle.

  • After we have a full-fledged marketing program, we will work to augment it rather than rest on laurels.