Seven Social Media Copywriting Tips You Can Use Today

Seven social media copywriting tips you can use today

Copy for marketing is words used to sell products or services. 

1. Verbs

The first thing you want to do when you are writing copy to remember the type of words you are using. You should be thinking about verbs. 

There is passive and active language. 

Passive language might be something like
"I have been thinking about something." 
It's not saying something, but it is. 

To write in such a way that gets results, that should be effective action writing then. 

Verbs for copy that focus on action are ones such as;

- Get
- Click
- Take
- Click
- Download 

They focus on the reader doing something. As a result, it focuses on the person doing instead of just reading. Words described above are ones that encourage buying behavior. These words alone can make a big difference in the way people will look at your ads. 

Regular writing, not specifically directed in the copy syntax will not always be the best plan and most of the time leave you hoping and guessing rather than achieving results. 

If you are deciding to go the route that will make something happen such as a click, a buy, etc., you will want to use action verbs. 

Let's say, for example; there is a small business that sells furniture, and they are deciding not to use the active way of copy. They had just written a terrible tweet or a Facebook update saying something like "Our furniture store is amazing, come visit us now."

First of this is not to the reader, it's bragging about how great the company is. This might work for some people, but most would just ignore it. 

Now a better-phrased syntax to write this in is; "Get (the verb) competitive prices on comfy sofas."
"Test them out today. Visit us at."

You are talking about something that they can get; you are using a verb, competitive price is something they care about, the consumer wants to save money. Comfy sofas, this is something they care about, the comfort. 

The more you use these types of verbs in the copy that you write, the more engagement will be recognized in your updates because you are speaking the language of action versus passive. 

2. Keeping it simple

Do not over think this process, whatever type of copy you are writing, long copy, short copy, copy for Instagram, Facebook, ect., focus on keeping it simple. 

One of the ways to do this is instead of using longer words, use words that have syllables of one or two. 

Instead of saying something like; "residential property." you can say something like "homes" or "land." They mostly say the same things; they pretty much have the same meaning, so why use the longer words that take the time to read. Usually, the only time that this would make sense is targeting a particular type of customer that responds better to more technical words. In most cases, which is B2C (Business to consumer), you are not going to concern yourself with trying to use words that are longer than they need to be. 

Now because of all the content and noise on social media people get distracted easily. The Third tip will be to help grab attention when people are scrolling through their feeds. This one thing will pull them in and get them to read your stuff and focus on your posts instead of them scrolling past. 

3. Questions

Use questions to call out. A call out is letting the person that is passing by know that you are speaking directly to them. If you can ask questions that call people out from a crowd that makes them notice you, well that is the intent, awareness. 

For example; A lot of women fear to go to a hair salon because of the potential of someone messing their hair up, and what women want that?
A bad hair cut is a big worry; they are nervous about that. 
A way that you could target this would be to, through an ad or an update, say "would you trust this man with your hair?" and have a picture or a video with the hair stylist or a video of them cutting hair but the question at first. All that you are doing is grabbing the attention with the initial call out; this is where the other persuasion comes into play. 

4. Be Specific

When making a post you want to be clear, you do not want to leave things open to interpretation. People interpreting the post in a way that was not intended is a hard challenge you may come across when writing copy but it is one that you will have to climb over. 
Using numbers, facts and statistics can heighten the chances that they perceive it the way you intended it to be; it should shine more light on what you mean. 

If it is unclear, it can kill the engagement, and lose a sale. 

People do not want to think; they don't want to think as much as possible, they will go out of their way not to think. It is your job knowing this that if you are writing copy to make it as clear and as detailed as possible.

Another example of what not to do is; "we are right off the freeway, come in and ask us about our sale." 

This ad is very unclear. Instead of going into what is wrong with it another time I will just show you a better way to write it. 

"We are right of the 400, head east after taking the Culver Boulevard exit and don't forget to ask Julie about our 50% discount". 

5. CTA

This is an abbreviation for "call to action."  Call to action's are really what separates copy write from regular writing for ads. 

A CTA can be something such as; 
- Like this post, if you agree
- Comment with your thoughts
- Share this post with your friends
- Click this link now 

You are asking the people reading the post to take the next step. To take the action you provided. 

6. Rely On Proven Formulas For Writing Copy

Why decided to put a countless amount of money and time into testing, researching and trying to figure out what people are doing to have a successful copy written advertisement? Do not reinvent the wheel. 

Below are some resources that you can start with and innovate from there: 

- PAS (Problem, Agitate, Solution) 

This formula is intended for short form copy. A tweet, Instagram post, Facebook ad. 

Example for a plumbing company; "Your leaky sink is draining your wallet, call us today, and we can have both fixed in 24 hours" 

The leaking sink is the problem
The problem you are adding on top of their problem is that it is draining their wallet, this is agitating them, and finally, for them to fix it they need to call you. Adding the call to action at the end of the ad will direct them what to do next. 

Very simple, very clear. 

- AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) 

An example for a laundry matt to use AIDA; 

"Got dirty laundry? Well, clean it for you. Enjoy free coffee and WI-FI while you wait. Visit us now, (their link here)." 

You call out the market with a question. You are solving the problem for people who don't want to clean their laundry, their interest. Finally, you provide a desire that while someone is cleaning their laundry, they can enjoy free Wi-Fi and coffee. This leads the person reading to ask what's next, and this is where you provide the business link to find out how to proceed. 

7. Be Relevant

You can use events that are going on in the world to gain more traction on the ads that you produce with the copy that you have because people are looking for the drama and watching things go on, it's contagious. 

An interesting example of this is when the power went out at the Superbowl in 2013. People had been left in the dark. Everyone was all over tweeting and posting on other social channels about it. 

What Oreos did at the moment was incredible, they posted a tweet saying "you can still dunk in the dark." This tweet got thousand upon thousands of retweets and likes because it was something that was current. 

By using promotions with the trends that are occurring, you are bound to gain more traffic. 

If you are looking for pattern advertising, the site that is great to check out is 

You can use this site to be relevant in advertising and copy 

Some questions for you; 

1. Which of these tips do you see yourself using? 
2. Which of these tips is your favorite?

Post a comment with a practice of how you would use these tips in your copy. 

To your success, MyersMedia.