Five Tips To Rapidly Grow Your Instagram In 10 Minutes.

Five tips to rapidly grow your Instagram in 10 minutes. 

How to use Instagram like a channel to grow your business efficiently. 

If you implement the five tips within this blog, it will lead to more customers, leads, and sales. 

First off, whatever industry you are in, whether that be brick and mortar, e-commerce, local business or having a personal brand, Instagram is one of the most efficient ways to grow that business. 

The reason this is, is because Instagram has over 500 million active daily users. What is powerful is that every single person is a potential customer on there. On Instagram, there are so many niches, so many industries and so many people that are looking to buy what you sell, but how do you reach them?

Before going into the five steps to growth, remember this one thing. The reason you are building a following is to convert people to a website or to come into your store to buy. People will get lost in the traffic and the constant media, from people following them, tagging them, and liking their post, you might think that this is providing sales. It's not. 

What is your number one goal? 

E-commerce business? Then it should be to get customers to your site. 

Brick and mortar? Then it should be to get people into the shop. 

1. Bio-Link;

There is only one clickable link on Instagram, and that is in your bio on your page. 

You should become obsessed with this link out. 
99% of people are viewing Instagram on their phone, and because of the viewing methods, your website has to be mobile compatible. It is a must, or people will leave it right away. 

Driving people into your sales will take a very creative funnel experience for the customer to go all the way through. They will see one photo, then go to your page, and from there click on your bio link. If something distracts them causing the person to leave within the time that it takes them to do that, they will not purchase. 

How do you get them to stay fascinated? 
With the second tip!

2. Have An Epic Content Strategy; 

The biggest take away that you can have is to post consistently on a daily basis. If you never miss a day of posting, you will grow fast. 

The other thing to building an Instagram is to make sure that your "VRIN Score" for the post will be a seven plus ( and also to make sure that it is relevant to your industry ( 

Aesthetics is everything on a site that is just photos and videos. 

Some tools to use if you decide to edit the photo or add quotes to them:

- Wordswag (content creation)
- Typorama (content creation)
- Phonto (content creation)
- kik (communication)
- Canva (content creation)

It is always a good idea to look for the best possible content that you can publish as well. 

A great tool for that is; 

It allows you to run scans on your competitors accounts and that is powerful because you can find the most liked images, the most commented on pictures and you can see which is the pieces of content that work the best. 

If you have a physical based product, consider having "social proof." Social proof can be one of the best ways to sell. People using your product or service is key. 

Another thing for content strategy is to ask people or tell them to click the link in your bio, maybe 2-10 will without asking. 

3.Relevant Hashtags; 

They should be about the niche or market that you serve. You want to make sure that you are engaging with other competitors, influencers in the market, and people who will be interested in the product or service. 

When people comment, or like a photo, or video on your page make sure to reply back, even if it is something as small as an emoji. People long for recognition. 

4. Shout Outs;

If there is one thing to help organically grow your Instagram account, it would be shout outs. They are very essential. 

Essentially what shout outs are is, to get as many people as possible on Instagram to share your content. You can share their content or vice verse you share theirs. 

There are things called "S4S" which are an acronym for "share for share." or "shout out for a shout out." 

Another way to get a shout out is to pay people for "Influencer Marketing." 

It does not matter how you do it as long as you are doing it, as long as you are getting as many shares as possible. 

A key thing to remember to have when someone shouts you out is to have them tag and caption you in the image. This way people can link to your page to start following you. 

5. Analytics; 

You do not know what you do not measure. 
What we highly recommend while utilizing Instagram is to track the most engaging images. Testing shout outs, paid and unpaid. Following the links in your bio. Analytics is what will show how you get traction. 

Some tools to find engagement: 

- (tracking engagement) 
- (track growth)
- Minter.Io (track growth) 
- (most engaged followers who follow you and the ones with the biggest following) 

Action Items: 

1. Utilize bio
2. Make sure you have a solid content strategy
3. Aesthetics is essential
4. Use the growth tactics mentioned
5. Network with influencers
6. Do S4S
7. Track results with analytics 

If you implement the strategies in this blog on a daily basis, you will grow, and you will create more sales. 

To your success, MyersMedia.