VIRN Scores

How to create compelling content with customers. One of the mistakes people make with social media and this is what you should be avoiding because doing so will skyrocket you to the expert level in social media is your ability to create very compelling content. 

This secret that will help you and prolong the consumer attention with your business or with your personal brand is named "VRIN." 

When you think about social media the next time, you want to think about how you can be posting or incorporating a high level of VRIN content. 

The "V" stands for value. 

Let's just say that you are a restaurant or a doctor's office, or landscaping. When you think about the value, you have to be thinking about why people are buying from you. The question you need to ask is; "Why do people buy from me, my company"?

"What do they VALUE about you"? 

Let's say that it is a pizza store. You ask the question, why do people value me and why do they buy? Now let's say that the answer is that "our pizza is slow cooked, nothing is refrigerated, we make our bread crusts in store." 

Now knowing that this is the starting point to where you will be providing a lot of value. Whenever you go to post on any platform, it will be around why you have the great in-house crust, and that ever thing is fresh. Makes sense? 

So a question for you. 

Why is your audience, and I am not saying, customers because personal branding is very relevant too, why are they paying attention to you? What value are you bringing them? 

Now from 1-10 where do you rate yourself from the content that you have been posting, to the value that people see in you? (People enjoy your pizza crust, but you are posting about the building space to sit down, your rating will not be high) 
You will be able to judge this of the like and comments, and shares that you will be receiving off specific posts. 

Comment your answers below. 

The "R" in VRIN stand for "Rare". 

How unique is the content that you are providing? 

One of the mistake people are making when they are posting on social media is that they are not doing this. They are posting photos or a plate of food that they just ate at Tim Hortons or mic Donald. That is not rare at all. Everyone can do this, and how many other people in the world have seen photos of those buggers or coffee?!

When you go to post, think about its rarity, how many other people are posting like this? 

Get creative, and proved value. 

On a scale of 1-10, how rare is the content you are posting? 

1-3 millions of people are posting photos like this. 
4-6 thousand have posted it over the last month.
7-9 only a few accounts in the world are posting the content like yours. 
10 practically no one has posted what you are posting. 

The "I" in VRIN is "Inimitable".

What Inimitable means is, "how hard would it be for a competitor to make that same post."

If it is very high for inimitability, even if it is a dentist, then this will just mean that the other practices in the area would not know how to provide or post something that you just did. 

An example; if your dental practice has been in business for 40 years you could use this to the advantage and say something like, "out of the 40 years of business one customer had left, that was because they had no more teeth" 
Any other practice that is new would have a hard time competing with this because they may not have been in business that long or had a great retention rate like yours. 

For a pizza shop, you could say that they moved to Canada 100 years ago still, contains the same recipe that they used over in Italy. 

Most business will have one or two inimitable value about them. 

The final letter in VRIN is "N, " and that stands for "none substitutable." 

What this means is, from the customers that business brings in (a pizza shop, people buying pizza, a dental practice, people getting their teeth fixed or treated) posting content that the customer can not live without, there will be "no other substitution." 

You want to convey this to the customers through the post and content that you will be making. There will be no other alternative unless they come to you. 

You can google research that can help with providing statistics to the customers. Just remember, facts tell, stories sell. 

Now because you understand VRIN SCORES, you will want to test and see what yours is. 

All you do is rate the four categories on all the platforms that you use and from there just average the score. From the average number that you get, you will be able to understand where to go with the brand story, whether that be changing what is being posted or amplifying what you already have. 

For a deeper understanding of VRIN scores and a fun piece of homework to do it watch some movies of great directors, actors, etc. They will usually have high VRIN scores in the way they are perceived. This is what you want to become, a movie director. 

People to look to for movies
- Steven Speilberg
- Marton Gorski  

They made movies that you had to see; you could not do without, they had value to give to your life. Action, drama. 

As you become a movie director towards social media, you will have to keep in mind the VRIN scores. You will get better every day that you post by keeping this in mind. 

As you are learning, one of the most valuable places to post is on Twitter because if you do mess up and post a dud; it won't really matter too much because of the high volume. 

Post below an analysis of your VRIN Scores for the platforms in the comments. Do an average as well. 

This will help you in the long run. 

To your success, MyersMedia.