Expressing memories

No two people will experience life the same way, so no two type of people will tell a story the same way. 

Storytelling is a superpower that we all possess; it is our unique perspectives that will determine what we can help people feel and show the viewers how we perceive the world. Only you see the world this way. 

But how do you get others to see what you feel and what you are imagining?! 

Well let's work through this exercise, it will help you with the beginning steps. 

Think about a memory that you have. This memory can be your most embarrassing memory, frightening memory, or a time when you were very surprised. Whatever it is, it is a memory that you remember vividly. 

Write this down. 

Now, why do you think you remember this so well? Try connecting one or more emotions to this memory. Some of the emotions that you could have been feeling are sadness, joy, fear, disgust, anger. 

Write this down as well. 

Now that you have the memory and that you have the emotions backing that memory; try to express your memory and emotion in some way. Here is how; 

First, the goal is to get it out of your head. 
Here are some ideas for what you could do. 

- Verbally: Tell your memory to someone that you know. Can you make them feel the emotion?

- Written: Writing up your memory in less than a page. Do the emotions come out in your words?

- Visually: Express your memory using only lines and shapes. Do the emotions come out in your drawings? 

When you have the ideas brainstormed and out of your head, this can be a huge first step in expressing the memories that you have, with the emotions that you had, and still have when you think of it. You are starting to unravel your superpower. Ready to take over the world? Well, it won't happen in one day. If you wish to understand how to progress in this field, then stay tuned, practice the skills for today and tomorrow, take the next steps on your journey with your new life. 

So to your success,