5 Proven Ways To Find Local Clients

There is no other important ability then there is to sell the services that you have. You can have the best product or service in the world, but if you can not sell it or if no one is aware of it then you may as well be digging a hole and barring your business or agency in it. 

Going right into it and making this post very short. 

1. You will want to create a local business alliance or networking group. 

Every business will get a lot of calls about someone trying to come and do social media for them. They are getting solicited by people every which way they turn. 

You are going to want to find people for this business alliance that are working already with the company which you are striving to provide a service too. Individuals who are doing the payroll processing systems. People who are selling the wine and beer to them. You want to form relationships with people who already have a relationship with the business owner. 

How do you find the people?

You find people through Linked-In. 

The thing that you will offer your alliance is that if they provide you a client that is paying a retainer of 1500 and above, then you will pay them 10% of that monthly for as long as they remain a customer. This is the single most important area that you should be focusing on right away. You will get more clients through this outlet than any other. This could also provide you with an ability to bring the customer more value by providing the names of the people who are in your alliance if they are needed, (e.g., if the business needs a deal on a POS system, and you have a guy for that then you instantly just became more valuable) 

2. Linked-In Direct Out Reach. 

Connecting with business owners, the way you do this is by becoming valuable first. You should have the niche that you are going after first obviously. Once you narrow down on that niche, then you have to decide what business you will be going after. Once you have the chosen business, then you need to provide value. 

How are you going to provide that market value? Well, the one thing that you can do it offer them a free logo or a website audit. Another thing that you can provide is something such as a blog post that can help them out. (E.g., They are looking for people to show them how to do Facebook advertising, then write a blog for them on that and send it there way) Business owners are on Linked-In because they are looking for business or they are looking for people to help them out in some form or another. The way that you can provide them even more value is by asking who they are looking for and who they need to connect with, help them out once you know and find the people. 

No matter what way you do it, just approach helping them first. 

3. Google My Business, Google Listings. 

This is one way of helping a business out. You can find clients by typing in; 

Site;google.com "claim this page" "city, town."

What is going to pop up is a list of people who can potentially become your client. If you are becoming niche focused for the agency that you possess, then all you are going to do is type in the slot before the city and town. Such as; 

Site; google.com "claimthispage" "niche" "city, town"

People will spend thousands of dollars on tv and billboard advertising, but don't bother to think about updating their Google listing. 

Other keywords to use could be; 

"Is this your business." 
"Manage this page." 

4. Yelp. 

Anyone who is paying 350 dollars to 1500 dollars for Yelp advertising is a potential client for you. Yelp will list your business whether or not you are paying for advertising, but there are ways to find out who is paying for advertising on it. If you see a Yelp listing and you see that they have a video or pictures, then they are for sure paying a minimum of $375. 

The way to find people who are paying for Yelp advertising is to go to google and type in; 

Site; Yelp "watch a video" "City, Province" "Niche."

Once you figure out the people, who are doing Yelp advertising, sit down with the business owner and compare the metrics with what is performing more, your Facebook campains or their Yelp advertising. 

The way that you will get a meeting is by calling the owner and saying "Hey, I would love to sit down with you, I'm calling because of your Yelp advertising, call me back at" 

5. Conducting audits. 

Walking into business and showing them what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong. Once they decided that your audit is of some value, then they will want to see more. This is when you show them how you can increase them revenue. 

Over all the main thing that is coming up the most is provide value first!!!!


To your success,