The Power Of SEO

Noticing that people value their time and don't always want to read a lengthier blog post, this one is going right into it, so if you have any questions, in the end, be sure to post them in the comments, they will get answered as soon as possible. 

The Power Of SEO 

Using the power of SEO, you can flood organic traffic to your website. On your site, you can have your Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and other platforms that you are using for your business and personal accounts. By linking the accounts to the website you now will have the traffic that is on your site going to your other accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. 

When you start to increase the traffic on your social pages, your SEO ranking will go up as well. 

By the increasing SEO rank for your business or personal website you now will have people that are proactively looking to see the content that you have and to consider what you have to offer. 

By using SEO as a form of traffic, you will watch an increase in whatever it is that you are selling, product or service. 

It is all about the monetization, not just the following unless you are an organization and you just care to use the channels as awareness around subjects that you care to fix or change. 

Now there is also the benefit of doing paid advertisement to get more people to your site and transferring them to the social channels. 
Almost no one is doing it the organic way, though. There is a bigger benefit to having a well built up SEO ranking because unlike paid advertisement if you are to stop paying for ads, you will keep the rank and people will still continue to visit your site and other social channels that are available. 
There are so many tools that can help bring in free traffic that will stick around because it is organic. To name a few; 

- WProbot
- One
- WPsnowball

And there are all types of word press plug-ins as well that you can use to set up on sites to have them bring in traffic to your website. 

Another recommendation is that you bring in the traffic organically and then you can start to retarget with a pixel through paid advertisement. You can start following the prospect while building up your social following and getting the potential customer to theses social platforms where you can then sell them your offers or putting them into an email follow up sequence based on behavior. 

If you are using a funnel such as "click funnels" then they are using a series named "actionetics" which relies on the actions the people take. It is all behavior based follow-ups which are amazing because when you decide to pay for an ad you now will be able to have the organic still coming through your high SEO rank, and you will also be cashing out on the paid advertisements that target to the behaviors of consumers.