SEO Trends That Are Becoming An Omnipresence in 2017

SEO Trends That Are Becoming An Omnipresence in 2017 

2016 was a great year! Some big things happened and company's that had been dominating are on another level now. 

Companies like Google were a struggle to learn the first time around. The consistent switched and upgrades in the algorithm it can be daunting to learn if you are not staying consistent with the research and use of the platform. 

First was Penguin in April 2012. 
Next was Humming Bird and now RankBrain. 

Google is literally on an unstoppable rampage with their sites set no only moving forward. 

With the right amount of planning, you will be able to come up with a secure SEO plan to become adaptable to all the changes that will continue to be made.

How may you ask? 

We would answer that question by telling you to keep reading.........

Here are a few of the SEO trend that you can be on the forefront of knowledge for in 2017. 

Are users searching keywords right? Well, Googles New RankBrain has features to combine web page indexing and the machine learning. Meaning that if your web page has a keyword and relevant content related to the keyword that was searched then the chances of your page showing up in the user's search results are quite high. 

Because there is machine learning now, there is still a chance that your web page might end up in a user's search results that were not the keyword they were searching but because of the content, the website has in it. Google does tend to place high bets on the technology. We are assuming that because of this, there will probably be updates to the technology of machine learning to rank pages in 2017. 

The Rise Of AMP:

Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP is basically a tool that allows and prompts webmasters to make some structural and aesthetic changes to their pages so that they load very fast on mobile devices. This is because most of the purchasing is online is now coming from mobile devices. AMPs, despite letting the pages load faster than normal pages, they also use fewer data. Google has confirmed that they do prefer if a website has AMPs in it. If you see a small lightning bolt on the side of the web page on search, that has AMP provided. 

It is possible that Google may release updates to AMP's in 2017 because of the trending and increasing search's coming from mobile devices rather than desktops. Because of Google producing the AMP's in 2016 to become able to web pages, now in 2017 they are highly favoring it. Thus meaning that if you do have a website that is AMP comparable, your Search Engin Optimization rank will rise. 

Voice Search And Attention:

With Apple's Siri and Microsoft's Cortana going under a lot of now improvements, Gooogle is recognizing that they were slacking and are now not far behind with this technology making it each and ever day more human like. In fact, Google's voice search now is efficiently taking relevant pieces into account to answer users questions. 

This meaning that if your web page is answering questions to people's questions related to your niche, then your web page is now "voice search optimized". If you are looking at the current trends with the voice searching you will realize that it is becoming more of a trend and you may realize that you can also get in front of this with some innovation and smart working. 2017 may come with some updates with the voice search and SEO ranking. 

Schema To Organize Content:

"Schema markup is a code (semantic vocabulary) that you put on your website to help the search engines return more information results for users. If you have ever used rich snippets, you will understand exactly what schema markup is all about."
- Google 

This is a huge thing to have if you are looking for the next up on you competitors and it has been for a while. This improves click through ratio and helps with the rate of traffic going to your site. 

With RankBrain in the picture, the search engines now require a clear picture for the understanding of exactly what you do and what you are offering. This makes Schema much more valuable, especially in this coming year, 2017. 
Put in some time to research schema types and markups as much content as you can. That should give you a head start in 2017. 

Final Tip: 

Google will give people a higher ranking if they have HTTPS on their website links. They say that it is ensuring the safety of the user and this will translate into more traffic to your site. 

The lack of this will place you on even decent websites...... 

Thanks for reading, hope it helped.


To your success, MyersMedia™