Fascinate, How To Make Your Brand Impossible To Resist

Have you ever tried online dating? Tinder, plenty of fish, or Christian mingle, match.com? 

You are not alone... actually, you and 91 million other people are using these apps and platforms to find the person they are looking for or the night they are looking to have if you know what I mean. 

But this post isn't about to try to convince you that you should start paying $29.99 a month and invest your time into that as well. NO, this post is about selling yourself. Selling your brand, and the importance of this. 

Think about it, for people to pay attention to you, they have to fall in love with whatever it is you are selling. Let's just use the topic we are on with selling yourself, online dating. 

So for example, let's say that you are on one of the many dating sites.  


Oh, wait... your perfect match had just messaged you.. but all they said was just "hi". That's it, just a simple hello... and now because all that this "Romeo" or "Juliet" said to you was hello. It didn't spark your interest, it did nothing but go into the pile of other potential candidates that just said "hello". They gave no reason for you to even try to fall in love with who they are. They did not sell themselves. 

The problems that this person came across is that (S)he is competing against others. Lots of others. 

Now you could have the lowest price, the hottest body, be the smartest person in the room, BUT IF NO ONE KNOWS ABOUT YOU, NO ONE WILL CARE..... 


Creativity does not live in a vacuum. 
It is also not just creativity but its distraction. 
Distraction was not a problem back in the day where it uses to be 20 minutes long. Years past and it just kept decreasing and decreasing to now it is at a point where neurologists say that we are not just learning to think faster, but we are also learning to think smaller. 

BBC has released a report that the "addictive nature of web browsing can leave you with an attention span of 9 seconds"

9 seconds... That is the same attention span as a goldfish. 

What this means is that the person that could potentially be the person for you, well they have 9 seconds to capture your attention. 

Now you can't get a product launched in 9 seconds, you can't fall in love or establish a connection in 9 seconds, but what does happen in that amount of time is INTRODUCTIONS. Every single day. 

If you knock on the door the right way, then you get to have the connection or to do the sales pitch or fall in love. 

We as people want to be fascinated. Our brain is hardwired to find things that interest you, that is why you do what you do. It's that awe feeling. 

And we as people, or businesses or sales people, can learn to tap into this, the world is yours. 

As a person building a brand or selling yourself, you want to hit on these triggers, the behavioral motivators. 

There are 7 triggers; 
1. Power
2. Passion
3. Mystique
4. Prestige
5. Alarm
6. Vice
7. Trust

If you take control of these motivators you will be able to control attention for the 19 seconds and open the door. These are the keys to the store that will open the door. 

Let take a look at what these triggers do and the response behind them: 

1. Power= Take command, this is an omnipresent's in the market, the field. Think of google for this trigger. 

2. Passion= Emotional, it is irrational, it's an irresistible attraction. There was a study done at the new york times that "people are not buying the new iPad for reasons that are rational, but because it looks "sexy". This is the passion trigger at work. 

3. Mystique= Aroused curiosity. Wanting to know that last piece to the puzzle 

4. Prestige= Increase respect, it's I want that, it elevates. 

5. Alarm= Driving urgency. This is what amazon uses, it has to be there in 3-5 days, NOW, NOW, NOW. 

6. Vice= Change the game. This is the trigger of creativity, it is deviating from the norm. Think of Groupon for this 

7. Trust= Loyalty. Builds connection through consistency and stability. It's Johnson & Johnson, you know it's going to be the same tomorrow as it was yesterday. 

We use these triggers day in and day out. If you can figure out what ones you will be able to use the best within your brand or that suit best with your personality then you will start to see amazing results. 

Thanks for reading, and to all your success