Growing A Community From Nothing To Something?

What is the best way to grow a community on social media of active followers? 

Post daily? 

Post at 3 am and 5 pm every day?
There are so many strategies and techniques that could lead to you having a big following, but it will NEVER be just one thing. You will never find that one silver bullet that once you load it and take the shot, somehow overnight you now have 1.6 million followers and 8/10 are actively engaging..... 

There are 100, 1% that go into the making of a magnificent facebook page or Instagram feed. 

Tips On Creating A Great Brand: 

1. Put out quality content out every day and engage around it. 

No one will become a sensation over night such as I had stated above.... 
The talent to put out content is only once piece of the game, that one percent that adds up to the 100 percent of the equation. 

There is an exception to this tho....  Some people do make it big on social media because of content creation. I have some friends that are huge on platforms like Instagram because of the eye capturing photos that they are taking. They simply have a creative eye and they express it with their $1ooo- $1o,ooo dollar camera. 

This exception is exactly that. If you feel like you could be part of this rare breed of people then go out and start capturing pictures and see who responds to the photos well. Do not include your mom and your girlfriend in the equation though. 

Action Steps: 

1. Have patience.

- It will take time to grow your following 

2. Figure out what your brand represents 

- Are you Suzy, the girl who loves underwater basket weaving? Perfect, figure out how you can engage others with your community and ultimately convert them into life-long customers. 

- You are not just trying to make a sale, you are creating a customer. 

3. People buy from emotion, not logic. 

- Post emotional photos that are congruent with your brand. Do NOT post 10 pages of content about how your brand is just the most intellectual purchase they will ever make. No one cares, but you. That's great, keep the knowledge..... just don't share this long form knowledge on a platform such as Instagram.