Expressing memories

No two people will experience life the same way, so no two type of people will tell a story the same way. 

Storytelling is a superpower that we all possess; it is our unique perspectives that will determine what we can help people feel and show the viewers how we perceive the world. Only you see the world this way. 

But how do you get others to see what you feel and what you are imagining?! 

Well let's work through this exercise, it will help you with the beginning steps. 

Think about a memory that you have. This memory can be your most embarrassing memory, frightening memory, or a time when you were very surprised. Whatever it is, it is a memory that you remember vividly. 

Write this down. 

Now, why do you think you remember this so well? Try connecting one or more emotions to this memory. Some of the emotions that you could have been feeling are sadness, joy, fear, disgust, anger. 

Write this down as well. 

Now that you have the memory and that you have the emotions backing that memory; try to express your memory and emotion in some way. Here is how; 

First, the goal is to get it out of your head. 
Here are some ideas for what you could do. 

- Verbally: Tell your memory to someone that you know. Can you make them feel the emotion?

- Written: Writing up your memory in less than a page. Do the emotions come out in your words?

- Visually: Express your memory using only lines and shapes. Do the emotions come out in your drawings? 

When you have the ideas brainstormed and out of your head, this can be a huge first step in expressing the memories that you have, with the emotions that you had, and still have when you think of it. You are starting to unravel your superpower. Ready to take over the world? Well, it won't happen in one day. If you wish to understand how to progress in this field, then stay tuned, practice the skills for today and tomorrow, take the next steps on your journey with your new life. 

So to your success, 

5 Proven Ways To Find Local Clients

There is no other important ability then there is to sell the services that you have. You can have the best product or service in the world, but if you can not sell it or if no one is aware of it then you may as well be digging a hole and barring your business or agency in it. 

Going right into it and making this post very short. 

1. You will want to create a local business alliance or networking group. 

Every business will get a lot of calls about someone trying to come and do social media for them. They are getting solicited by people every which way they turn. 

You are going to want to find people for this business alliance that are working already with the company which you are striving to provide a service too. Individuals who are doing the payroll processing systems. People who are selling the wine and beer to them. You want to form relationships with people who already have a relationship with the business owner. 

How do you find the people?

You find people through Linked-In. 

The thing that you will offer your alliance is that if they provide you a client that is paying a retainer of 1500 and above, then you will pay them 10% of that monthly for as long as they remain a customer. This is the single most important area that you should be focusing on right away. You will get more clients through this outlet than any other. This could also provide you with an ability to bring the customer more value by providing the names of the people who are in your alliance if they are needed, (e.g., if the business needs a deal on a POS system, and you have a guy for that then you instantly just became more valuable) 

2. Linked-In Direct Out Reach. 

Connecting with business owners, the way you do this is by becoming valuable first. You should have the niche that you are going after first obviously. Once you narrow down on that niche, then you have to decide what business you will be going after. Once you have the chosen business, then you need to provide value. 

How are you going to provide that market value? Well, the one thing that you can do it offer them a free logo or a website audit. Another thing that you can provide is something such as a blog post that can help them out. (E.g., They are looking for people to show them how to do Facebook advertising, then write a blog for them on that and send it there way) Business owners are on Linked-In because they are looking for business or they are looking for people to help them out in some form or another. The way that you can provide them even more value is by asking who they are looking for and who they need to connect with, help them out once you know and find the people. 

No matter what way you do it, just approach helping them first. 

3. Google My Business, Google Listings. 

This is one way of helping a business out. You can find clients by typing in; 

Site; "claim this page" "city, town."

What is going to pop up is a list of people who can potentially become your client. If you are becoming niche focused for the agency that you possess, then all you are going to do is type in the slot before the city and town. Such as; 

Site; "claimthispage" "niche" "city, town"

People will spend thousands of dollars on tv and billboard advertising, but don't bother to think about updating their Google listing. 

Other keywords to use could be; 

"Is this your business." 
"Manage this page." 

4. Yelp. 

Anyone who is paying 350 dollars to 1500 dollars for Yelp advertising is a potential client for you. Yelp will list your business whether or not you are paying for advertising, but there are ways to find out who is paying for advertising on it. If you see a Yelp listing and you see that they have a video or pictures, then they are for sure paying a minimum of $375. 

The way to find people who are paying for Yelp advertising is to go to google and type in; 

Site; Yelp "watch a video" "City, Province" "Niche."

Once you figure out the people, who are doing Yelp advertising, sit down with the business owner and compare the metrics with what is performing more, your Facebook campains or their Yelp advertising. 

The way that you will get a meeting is by calling the owner and saying "Hey, I would love to sit down with you, I'm calling because of your Yelp advertising, call me back at" 

5. Conducting audits. 

Walking into business and showing them what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong. Once they decided that your audit is of some value, then they will want to see more. This is when you show them how you can increase them revenue. 

Over all the main thing that is coming up the most is provide value first!!!!


To your success, 


Intro To Telling Stories

Humans have been telling stories, well since we could speak and probably before then. 

We tell stories by the campfire; we tell stories when we are at parties. We write novels, short stories, we make movies, and we take photographs to capture a moment that could be told and talk about in the following story. We Tweet, and the list goes on. 

The power of storying telling is that it has an ability to connect with people on an emotional level. One of the things that you hear all the time, this advice, is to write about things that you know. 

Well, sometimes writing about things that I know won't interest people. I don't want to write about how I know that if I take the bus, it will take me a longer time to reach a place than it would if I took an Uber or got a ride. That's boring. 

I want to write about things that will capture people's attention and things such as what is going on in space. 

But what this means is, yeah, go ahead and write about the things that you want to write about, space, technology, etc., but put something on it that talks about your life and how you feel. 

Do you feel scared? 
Do you feel alone? 

Put something from your life that will make that story come alive and not just be a boring car chase or a new planet. 

The man who started directing Monsters, Incorporated, the way he would pitch it is a monster who scares kids for a living. "Thats his job." He said that he would clock in, clock out, he eats donuts and talks about union dogs, he thought that was a kind of funny idea. 

Sure enough, when they would tell people about this idea, they would smile. Once it came to a story for a film, that is when people started getting restless and saying things like "I don't understand." "whats this movie about?" 

Well Pete Doctor, the man who created this idea figured out that the monster who scares kids is actually about a man becoming a father. 
And this is what was going on in Pete's life at that moment. 

So why write about what you know? 

Well, it's because what probably happened to you made you feel a particular way. And what you are trying to do when you are writing something is to get the audience to feel a certain way. The way that you felt. Telling stories is to get the audience to feel the way you feel. 

Now writing a story will not come out the way you want it to the very first time. It's not like Walt Disney or Miyazaki, who their brilliance comes out of their head once and there it is. 

They do not get out right the first time. 
They do not get out the second time. 
And sometimes they don't come out until the 30th time. 

So you keep going over and over, and over, and only after retelling the story many, many, many times over, does it sparkle. 

So next time you go to tell a story to keep some simple things in mind. 

1. It will not be the perfect story the first time. 
2. Keep trying
3. Think of how you can attach an emotional feeling to it, a sense that you had at that moment. 

In hopes that you tell your stories, and to all your success. 


The Power Of SEO

Noticing that people value their time and don't always want to read a lengthier blog post, this one is going right into it, so if you have any questions, in the end, be sure to post them in the comments, they will get answered as soon as possible. 

The Power Of SEO 

Using the power of SEO, you can flood organic traffic to your website. On your site, you can have your Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and other platforms that you are using for your business and personal accounts. By linking the accounts to the website you now will have the traffic that is on your site going to your other accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. 

When you start to increase the traffic on your social pages, your SEO ranking will go up as well. 

By the increasing SEO rank for your business or personal website you now will have people that are proactively looking to see the content that you have and to consider what you have to offer. 

By using SEO as a form of traffic, you will watch an increase in whatever it is that you are selling, product or service. 

It is all about the monetization, not just the following unless you are an organization and you just care to use the channels as awareness around subjects that you care to fix or change. 

Now there is also the benefit of doing paid advertisement to get more people to your site and transferring them to the social channels. 
Almost no one is doing it the organic way, though. There is a bigger benefit to having a well built up SEO ranking because unlike paid advertisement if you are to stop paying for ads, you will keep the rank and people will still continue to visit your site and other social channels that are available. 
There are so many tools that can help bring in free traffic that will stick around because it is organic. To name a few; 

- WProbot
- One
- WPsnowball

And there are all types of word press plug-ins as well that you can use to set up on sites to have them bring in traffic to your website. 

Another recommendation is that you bring in the traffic organically and then you can start to retarget with a pixel through paid advertisement. You can start following the prospect while building up your social following and getting the potential customer to theses social platforms where you can then sell them your offers or putting them into an email follow up sequence based on behavior. 

If you are using a funnel such as "click funnels" then they are using a series named "actionetics" which relies on the actions the people take. It is all behavior based follow-ups which are amazing because when you decide to pay for an ad you now will be able to have the organic still coming through your high SEO rank, and you will also be cashing out on the paid advertisements that target to the behaviors of consumers. 

Seven Social Media Copywriting Tips You Can Use Today

Seven social media copywriting tips you can use today

Copy for marketing is words used to sell products or services. 

1. Verbs

The first thing you want to do when you are writing copy to remember the type of words you are using. You should be thinking about verbs. 

There is passive and active language. 

Passive language might be something like
"I have been thinking about something." 
It's not saying something, but it is. 

To write in such a way that gets results, that should be effective action writing then. 

Verbs for copy that focus on action are ones such as;

- Get
- Click
- Take
- Click
- Download 

They focus on the reader doing something. As a result, it focuses on the person doing instead of just reading. Words described above are ones that encourage buying behavior. These words alone can make a big difference in the way people will look at your ads. 

Regular writing, not specifically directed in the copy syntax will not always be the best plan and most of the time leave you hoping and guessing rather than achieving results. 

If you are deciding to go the route that will make something happen such as a click, a buy, etc., you will want to use action verbs. 

Let's say, for example; there is a small business that sells furniture, and they are deciding not to use the active way of copy. They had just written a terrible tweet or a Facebook update saying something like "Our furniture store is amazing, come visit us now."

First of this is not to the reader, it's bragging about how great the company is. This might work for some people, but most would just ignore it. 

Now a better-phrased syntax to write this in is; "Get (the verb) competitive prices on comfy sofas."
"Test them out today. Visit us at."

You are talking about something that they can get; you are using a verb, competitive price is something they care about, the consumer wants to save money. Comfy sofas, this is something they care about, the comfort. 

The more you use these types of verbs in the copy that you write, the more engagement will be recognized in your updates because you are speaking the language of action versus passive. 

2. Keeping it simple

Do not over think this process, whatever type of copy you are writing, long copy, short copy, copy for Instagram, Facebook, ect., focus on keeping it simple. 

One of the ways to do this is instead of using longer words, use words that have syllables of one or two. 

Instead of saying something like; "residential property." you can say something like "homes" or "land." They mostly say the same things; they pretty much have the same meaning, so why use the longer words that take the time to read. Usually, the only time that this would make sense is targeting a particular type of customer that responds better to more technical words. In most cases, which is B2C (Business to consumer), you are not going to concern yourself with trying to use words that are longer than they need to be. 

Now because of all the content and noise on social media people get distracted easily. The Third tip will be to help grab attention when people are scrolling through their feeds. This one thing will pull them in and get them to read your stuff and focus on your posts instead of them scrolling past. 

3. Questions

Use questions to call out. A call out is letting the person that is passing by know that you are speaking directly to them. If you can ask questions that call people out from a crowd that makes them notice you, well that is the intent, awareness. 

For example; A lot of women fear to go to a hair salon because of the potential of someone messing their hair up, and what women want that?
A bad hair cut is a big worry; they are nervous about that. 
A way that you could target this would be to, through an ad or an update, say "would you trust this man with your hair?" and have a picture or a video with the hair stylist or a video of them cutting hair but the question at first. All that you are doing is grabbing the attention with the initial call out; this is where the other persuasion comes into play. 

4. Be Specific

When making a post you want to be clear, you do not want to leave things open to interpretation. People interpreting the post in a way that was not intended is a hard challenge you may come across when writing copy but it is one that you will have to climb over. 
Using numbers, facts and statistics can heighten the chances that they perceive it the way you intended it to be; it should shine more light on what you mean. 

If it is unclear, it can kill the engagement, and lose a sale. 

People do not want to think; they don't want to think as much as possible, they will go out of their way not to think. It is your job knowing this that if you are writing copy to make it as clear and as detailed as possible.

Another example of what not to do is; "we are right off the freeway, come in and ask us about our sale." 

This ad is very unclear. Instead of going into what is wrong with it another time I will just show you a better way to write it. 

"We are right of the 400, head east after taking the Culver Boulevard exit and don't forget to ask Julie about our 50% discount". 

5. CTA

This is an abbreviation for "call to action."  Call to action's are really what separates copy write from regular writing for ads. 

A CTA can be something such as; 
- Like this post, if you agree
- Comment with your thoughts
- Share this post with your friends
- Click this link now 

You are asking the people reading the post to take the next step. To take the action you provided. 

6. Rely On Proven Formulas For Writing Copy

Why decided to put a countless amount of money and time into testing, researching and trying to figure out what people are doing to have a successful copy written advertisement? Do not reinvent the wheel. 

Below are some resources that you can start with and innovate from there: 

- PAS (Problem, Agitate, Solution) 

This formula is intended for short form copy. A tweet, Instagram post, Facebook ad. 

Example for a plumbing company; "Your leaky sink is draining your wallet, call us today, and we can have both fixed in 24 hours" 

The leaking sink is the problem
The problem you are adding on top of their problem is that it is draining their wallet, this is agitating them, and finally, for them to fix it they need to call you. Adding the call to action at the end of the ad will direct them what to do next. 

Very simple, very clear. 

- AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) 

An example for a laundry matt to use AIDA; 

"Got dirty laundry? Well, clean it for you. Enjoy free coffee and WI-FI while you wait. Visit us now, (their link here)." 

You call out the market with a question. You are solving the problem for people who don't want to clean their laundry, their interest. Finally, you provide a desire that while someone is cleaning their laundry, they can enjoy free Wi-Fi and coffee. This leads the person reading to ask what's next, and this is where you provide the business link to find out how to proceed. 

7. Be Relevant

You can use events that are going on in the world to gain more traction on the ads that you produce with the copy that you have because people are looking for the drama and watching things go on, it's contagious. 

An interesting example of this is when the power went out at the Superbowl in 2013. People had been left in the dark. Everyone was all over tweeting and posting on other social channels about it. 

What Oreos did at the moment was incredible, they posted a tweet saying "you can still dunk in the dark." This tweet got thousand upon thousands of retweets and likes because it was something that was current. 

By using promotions with the trends that are occurring, you are bound to gain more traffic. 

If you are looking for pattern advertising, the site that is great to check out is 

You can use this site to be relevant in advertising and copy 

Some questions for you; 

1. Which of these tips do you see yourself using? 
2. Which of these tips is your favorite?

Post a comment with a practice of how you would use these tips in your copy. 

To your success, MyersMedia. 








Five Tips To Rapidly Grow Your Instagram In 10 Minutes.

Five tips to rapidly grow your Instagram in 10 minutes. 

How to use Instagram like a channel to grow your business efficiently. 

If you implement the five tips within this blog, it will lead to more customers, leads, and sales. 

First off, whatever industry you are in, whether that be brick and mortar, e-commerce, local business or having a personal brand, Instagram is one of the most efficient ways to grow that business. 

The reason this is, is because Instagram has over 500 million active daily users. What is powerful is that every single person is a potential customer on there. On Instagram, there are so many niches, so many industries and so many people that are looking to buy what you sell, but how do you reach them?

Before going into the five steps to growth, remember this one thing. The reason you are building a following is to convert people to a website or to come into your store to buy. People will get lost in the traffic and the constant media, from people following them, tagging them, and liking their post, you might think that this is providing sales. It's not. 

What is your number one goal? 

E-commerce business? Then it should be to get customers to your site. 

Brick and mortar? Then it should be to get people into the shop. 

1. Bio-Link;

There is only one clickable link on Instagram, and that is in your bio on your page. 

You should become obsessed with this link out. 
99% of people are viewing Instagram on their phone, and because of the viewing methods, your website has to be mobile compatible. It is a must, or people will leave it right away. 

Driving people into your sales will take a very creative funnel experience for the customer to go all the way through. They will see one photo, then go to your page, and from there click on your bio link. If something distracts them causing the person to leave within the time that it takes them to do that, they will not purchase. 

How do you get them to stay fascinated? 
With the second tip!

2. Have An Epic Content Strategy; 

The biggest take away that you can have is to post consistently on a daily basis. If you never miss a day of posting, you will grow fast. 

The other thing to building an Instagram is to make sure that your "VRIN Score" for the post will be a seven plus ( and also to make sure that it is relevant to your industry ( 

Aesthetics is everything on a site that is just photos and videos. 

Some tools to use if you decide to edit the photo or add quotes to them:

- Wordswag (content creation)
- Typorama (content creation)
- Phonto (content creation)
- kik (communication)
- Canva (content creation)

It is always a good idea to look for the best possible content that you can publish as well. 

A great tool for that is; 

It allows you to run scans on your competitors accounts and that is powerful because you can find the most liked images, the most commented on pictures and you can see which is the pieces of content that work the best. 

If you have a physical based product, consider having "social proof." Social proof can be one of the best ways to sell. People using your product or service is key. 

Another thing for content strategy is to ask people or tell them to click the link in your bio, maybe 2-10 will without asking. 

3.Relevant Hashtags; 

They should be about the niche or market that you serve. You want to make sure that you are engaging with other competitors, influencers in the market, and people who will be interested in the product or service. 

When people comment, or like a photo, or video on your page make sure to reply back, even if it is something as small as an emoji. People long for recognition. 

4. Shout Outs;

If there is one thing to help organically grow your Instagram account, it would be shout outs. They are very essential. 

Essentially what shout outs are is, to get as many people as possible on Instagram to share your content. You can share their content or vice verse you share theirs. 

There are things called "S4S" which are an acronym for "share for share." or "shout out for a shout out." 

Another way to get a shout out is to pay people for "Influencer Marketing." 

It does not matter how you do it as long as you are doing it, as long as you are getting as many shares as possible. 

A key thing to remember to have when someone shouts you out is to have them tag and caption you in the image. This way people can link to your page to start following you. 

5. Analytics; 

You do not know what you do not measure. 
What we highly recommend while utilizing Instagram is to track the most engaging images. Testing shout outs, paid and unpaid. Following the links in your bio. Analytics is what will show how you get traction. 

Some tools to find engagement: 

- (tracking engagement) 
- (track growth)
- Minter.Io (track growth) 
- (most engaged followers who follow you and the ones with the biggest following) 

Action Items: 

1. Utilize bio
2. Make sure you have a solid content strategy
3. Aesthetics is essential
4. Use the growth tactics mentioned
5. Network with influencers
6. Do S4S
7. Track results with analytics 

If you implement the strategies in this blog on a daily basis, you will grow, and you will create more sales. 

To your success, MyersMedia. 



Do You Know Your Market?

Social media marketing and operating a business online

Talking about how to move and start a marketing company up. 

The very first thing to having any business is research. Market research. You need to have a singular focus on the market its self. 

An excellent way to start the research is "" 

The market research will contain competitive analysis. This will give you a deeper understanding of your market. See its great if you have competitors in your market because they have already spent the money on ads, they have already split tested them, and you will be able to piggy back on them and not reinvent the wheel. You never want to do that; it is more profitable to innovate on a current market condition. 

Another thing that is great to know is keyword analysis. The keywords are the DNA in your market; these are the words to describe what you are selling, and before running any agency or business, social media, coffee, doctors office, etc., you need to know them. 

Before launching the business you intend to, you should have a good grasp on the three key elements that has been speaking of; 

1. Market research
2. Competitive analysis
3. Keyword analysis 

If you don't understand the market if you don't understand what the competitors are doing, and if the awareness is not there for the keywords that should be put on your social profiles or to incorporate into the marketing strategies then you will be out of luck.  

It is great to think you know what you are doing but sometimes the lack of, being because of ignorance, arrogance, or just pure incompetence, can be very damaging to the brand and your pocket. 

To your success, MyersMedia 



VIRN Scores

How to create compelling content with customers. One of the mistakes people make with social media and this is what you should be avoiding because doing so will skyrocket you to the expert level in social media is your ability to create very compelling content. 

This secret that will help you and prolong the consumer attention with your business or with your personal brand is named "VRIN." 

When you think about social media the next time, you want to think about how you can be posting or incorporating a high level of VRIN content. 

The "V" stands for value. 

Let's just say that you are a restaurant or a doctor's office, or landscaping. When you think about the value, you have to be thinking about why people are buying from you. The question you need to ask is; "Why do people buy from me, my company"?

"What do they VALUE about you"? 

Let's say that it is a pizza store. You ask the question, why do people value me and why do they buy? Now let's say that the answer is that "our pizza is slow cooked, nothing is refrigerated, we make our bread crusts in store." 

Now knowing that this is the starting point to where you will be providing a lot of value. Whenever you go to post on any platform, it will be around why you have the great in-house crust, and that ever thing is fresh. Makes sense? 

So a question for you. 

Why is your audience, and I am not saying, customers because personal branding is very relevant too, why are they paying attention to you? What value are you bringing them? 

Now from 1-10 where do you rate yourself from the content that you have been posting, to the value that people see in you? (People enjoy your pizza crust, but you are posting about the building space to sit down, your rating will not be high) 
You will be able to judge this of the like and comments, and shares that you will be receiving off specific posts. 

Comment your answers below. 

The "R" in VRIN stand for "Rare". 

How unique is the content that you are providing? 

One of the mistake people are making when they are posting on social media is that they are not doing this. They are posting photos or a plate of food that they just ate at Tim Hortons or mic Donald. That is not rare at all. Everyone can do this, and how many other people in the world have seen photos of those buggers or coffee?!

When you go to post, think about its rarity, how many other people are posting like this? 

Get creative, and proved value. 

On a scale of 1-10, how rare is the content you are posting? 

1-3 millions of people are posting photos like this. 
4-6 thousand have posted it over the last month.
7-9 only a few accounts in the world are posting the content like yours. 
10 practically no one has posted what you are posting. 

The "I" in VRIN is "Inimitable".

What Inimitable means is, "how hard would it be for a competitor to make that same post."

If it is very high for inimitability, even if it is a dentist, then this will just mean that the other practices in the area would not know how to provide or post something that you just did. 

An example; if your dental practice has been in business for 40 years you could use this to the advantage and say something like, "out of the 40 years of business one customer had left, that was because they had no more teeth" 
Any other practice that is new would have a hard time competing with this because they may not have been in business that long or had a great retention rate like yours. 

For a pizza shop, you could say that they moved to Canada 100 years ago still, contains the same recipe that they used over in Italy. 

Most business will have one or two inimitable value about them. 

The final letter in VRIN is "N, " and that stands for "none substitutable." 

What this means is, from the customers that business brings in (a pizza shop, people buying pizza, a dental practice, people getting their teeth fixed or treated) posting content that the customer can not live without, there will be "no other substitution." 

You want to convey this to the customers through the post and content that you will be making. There will be no other alternative unless they come to you. 

You can google research that can help with providing statistics to the customers. Just remember, facts tell, stories sell. 

Now because you understand VRIN SCORES, you will want to test and see what yours is. 

All you do is rate the four categories on all the platforms that you use and from there just average the score. From the average number that you get, you will be able to understand where to go with the brand story, whether that be changing what is being posted or amplifying what you already have. 

For a deeper understanding of VRIN scores and a fun piece of homework to do it watch some movies of great directors, actors, etc. They will usually have high VRIN scores in the way they are perceived. This is what you want to become, a movie director. 

People to look to for movies
- Steven Speilberg
- Marton Gorski  

They made movies that you had to see; you could not do without, they had value to give to your life. Action, drama. 

As you become a movie director towards social media, you will have to keep in mind the VRIN scores. You will get better every day that you post by keeping this in mind. 

As you are learning, one of the most valuable places to post is on Twitter because if you do mess up and post a dud; it won't really matter too much because of the high volume. 

Post below an analysis of your VRIN Scores for the platforms in the comments. Do an average as well. 

This will help you in the long run. 

To your success, MyersMedia. 









3 Lessons In Advertising

How To Manage An Advertising Agency: 

"Managing an advertising agency is like managing any other creative organization- a research laboratory, a magazine, architects office, a great kitchen."
- David Ogilvy  

David Ogilvy was named the "Father of Advertising" by many high profile clients on Madison Avenue. 

At the age of 38 people would have never expected this "boy" to become the "father of advertising" and one of the most well-known people in the world for advertising and writing copy. 

He was a college drop out. 
He had been known as a cook, salesman, diplomatist and a farmer. 
He never wrote a campaign or any copy. 
None of this stopped him. 
He had professed at the age of 38, to be interested in the field of advertising and decided to make it his career. 

This man is now a best-selling author and has an American drama series  (AMC) based on his life. The shows name is "mad men."

All of the fame and fortunes is amazing and to see a person at the top of their game is even better, but the thing that strikes is how does someone get to a point in their life like this man? How do I get a show based on my life and better yet how are people going to remember me long after I leave this planet we call earth? 

Any of these questions strike you too? Great, well let's get into it then. 

Lessons in the kitchen: 

Ogilvy has always said that he believed that if he could understand how Monsieur Pitard, the head chief, inspired such a white- hot morale, he could apply the same kind of leadership to the management of his advertising agency. 

This was, of course, some of the things that David he noticed when he had worked at the kitchen in Paris. 

"To begin with, he was the best cook in the whole brigade, and he knew it."

David said that it was inspiring to work for him, a supreme master. Every once in a while Pitard would emerge from the glass office that surrounded the kitchen. He would spend most of his time at the desk, but when he would emerge, everyone would crowd around him to watch in awe and amazement to his delightful skills.

Following that, the Father would, every once in a while, write some advertisements for himself; he said it was to remind the brigade of copywriters that his hand has not lost its cunning. 

This had been one of Ogilvy's first lessons that were learned. Always sharpen your skill, even if it is "once in a while." Mastery takes time, and once achieved it can be lost again over time. 

"Cooks like copywriters, work under ferocious pressures and are apt to be quarrelsome." 

Under those conditions, Ogilvy spoke of; there was never much praise for everything that they had done. In the kitchen, it had almost been expected to perform at such a high level because no one; not one single person wanted to be caught working beside or with an inexperienced cook.  

David recalls that there was a day that the President of France came to a banquet at Majestic. He says that it was a "memorable day." They had been preparing frogs legs with a white chaud-froid sauce. It was a different, electric environment on this day.

"M. Pitard was standing beside me, watching. I was so frightened that my knees knocked togeather and my hands trembled. He took the pencil from his starched toque and waved it in the air, his signal for the whole brigade to gather. Then he pointed at my frog's legs and said, very slowly and quietly, "That's how to do it." I was his slave for life." 

The second lesson that helped build David's dynasty. "Praise your staff as rarely as M. Pitard praised his chefs." In the hope that they too will appreciate it more than a steady gush of appreciation. It gives the employees a great sense of occasion. 

"I find that people who work in my agency get a similar charge out of a state of an occasion. When a crisis keeps them working all night, their morale is high for weeks afterward."

The third lesson that Ogilvy had learnt in the kitchen was about exceptional service. 

There was a time when David had told the waiter that they were out of fresh "plat du jour." M. Pitard had almost fired him for it. In a great kitchen, he said, one must always honor what one has promised on the menu. M. Pitard told Ogilvy "NEVER to tell a waitress that they were out of a dish again." 

That was another thing that hit home for Ogilvy.

"I see red when anybody at Ogilvy, Benson & Mather tells a client that we can not produce an advertisement or a television commercial on the day that we promised it. In the best establishments, promises are always kept, whatever it may cost in agony and overtime." 


Tips to take away: 

1. Mastery is something that is obtained by the same way it can be lost. Time. 
2. Praise when it is appropriate and not all the time. People should work to deserve things and not expect them. 
3. Always hold true to the promises you make, companies rise and fall on this sort of leadership. 

To your success, MyersMedia. 








Fast Cars and Superstars

Bodyguards, supercars, models, playboy mansions, helicopters, private jets, and "baller" lifestyles. Sound like a movie—or the dream of every 16-year-old teenage male? Think again. These are part of the daily social media feeds from the biggest players on the planet. sat down with three social superstars: investor and entrepreneurship guru Tai Lopez (who has built an eight-figure online empire); international sales expert and New York Times bestselling author Grant Cardone (who has built a nine-figure real estate empire); and “supercar” lifestyle vlogger Mr JWW (who has built a successful apparel company and owns cars we are jealous of).

Here is what they learned and how they built mega social media followings—fast.

What was the top strategy you used for building followers quick on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat?

Tai Lopez (TL): 
When marketing, I use the PVP Formula: product, virality and paid. As the billionaire, Charlie Munger said, “You can’t polish a turd.” You first have to market a quality product. (Apple is a titan company because the iPhone is a remarkable device.)

For virality, you have to employ controversy, humor, and drama in your marketing. Look at the Kardashians and Justin Bieber: they evoke strong emotions in people and go viral. Once you have a hit product that’s going viral, invest in paid boosting. You’re not buying your way into the market; you’re just boosting existing momentum.

You need a different strategy for each social channel. Twitter is high-frequency posting. Snapchat is like a TV show. Instagram is a museum showcase of your highlights. YouTube allows for long-form content. And Facebook is a hybrid of them all. Apply the PVP formula in the proper format and frequency for each channel and you’ll get huge results.

Grant Cardone (GC): 
I didn’t try to build my following fast; it felt like forever to get my first 100 followers. But I willingly posted ALL of my content, freely and frequently. My people said, “Grant, you’re giving away too much.” They didn’t realize how much content I had; it allows me to post up to 50 Snapchats, 100 Tweets, 18 Facebook posts and four Instagram posts every single day on multiple topics to particular audiences.

Mr. JWW (JW): 
Content can be tricky, so you have to be passionate about what you're doing—it's scary how anything forced or dishonest is amplified through the camera. My YouTube and Instagram subscribers exploded when I evolved my production quality. Most YouTube content is pretty amateur. It sounds simple, but a little investment in image and sound quality goes a long way to elevating your content to high-end amateur quality. YouTube has evolved into a serious contender for entertainment alongside commercial TV. Competition has grown and viewers expect higher quality content.

What’s your strategy for continuing to grow followers? Has it changed since the early days when you were first building it up?

Rather than changing too much, I master the fundamentals. Because of the results I’ve seen, I devote more marketing budget to social media—but my strategy hasn’t changed since the early days. It’s like basketball: what works, works. You put the ball in the basket and play defense. Although little nuances continually arise, a great 1970s basketball team would compete fine today. Likewise, a great 1970s marketing strategy would work well today. Look at some of the David Ogilvy marketing campaigns.

I post content frequently. Every day I deliver something on money, investing, sales, marketing, promotion, branding, negotiating, closing the sale, follow up, motivation, phone sales, cold calls, network marketing, startups and real estate investing.

I constantly look to dominate new platforms. For example, my employees said, “Grant, your customers aren’t on Snapchat.” I replied, “If people are there, they’re my customers.” I show my millions of followers the “behind-the-scenes” of my life. This can include my marriage, life as a father, my spirituality, or going to monster events like the World Series or a Conor McGregor fight.

I had zero subscribers when posting early videos; they were just "test content." I had never uploaded a YouTube video and I wanted to know what the platform was about before committing. Go back to the beginning of my channel and there’s no talking or face on camera, just really short clips compared to what I do now.

What’s something that saved you time when building your following?

The billionaire Charlie Munger says, “Be a perpetual learning machine.” I read a lot and try to learn from everybody—ranging from the Kardashians to people you’ve never heard of. Social media is cool because you can study what’s clearly winning. It’s not a confidential business plan. It’s apparent what a person attracting a trillion likes does differently to someone scraping five likes.

Social media is cool because you can study what’s clearly winning. — Tai Lopez

For four years, I handled all my social myself. No one posted anything without my approval. That was good and bad. I learned how it worked, but not delegating made me go slower than necessary. Today, two of my people facilitate posts, set up automation, help me with graphics, do branding and expand posts into articles—but I’m still the creator and responder. So, ask me a question on Snapchat, and it’s me who answers. (Every day I answer about 400 Snapchats and tweets.)

What kind of content gets the most engagement?

Aspirational lifestyle stuff gets a lot of engagement—Lamborghinis, jets, helicopters, big houses. But “rants” about “what’s wrong with the system” get the most engagement.

I schedule a daily live stream—no exception. I go wide to continually expand my audience. Monday is real estate. Tuesday a book review. Wednesday is in marriage and business. Thursday is sales, startups and young entrepreneurs. Friday is finance and money. Saturday and Sunday are Ask Me Anything. While everyone seems to avoid politics, I picked up more Twitter followers during the 2016 U.S. presidential election because of my strong stance.

What was your biggest social media mistake?

Going too slow. No one was teaching this stuff five years ago. Not many people know how to do social media well, really. Plenty of people write books and articles, but it’s harder to do than teach.

I've made so many mistakes—underestimating how powerful the platforms are; not going bigger, faster, sooner; not posting more frequently than I already do; not subtitling; not getting on Snapchat from the get-go.

My biggest mistake was getting too fond of one platform. I’d get lazy in not taking the time to figure out the tone, personality, and needs of each platform. I’ve not transcribed my content in multiple languages. I don’t spend enough on boosting Facebook ads.

Tai, your Snapchat is like a soap opera, usually involving models, cars, and crazy experiences. Can you tell us about the strategy?

TL: Forget the word, “social.” The operative word is “media.” Social is a new trend. The old trend has been going for over a century. Humans are addicted to mass media. It started as books, evolved into radio, movies with no talking, then movies with talking. Soon it’ll be virtual reality. To build great media with an engaged audience, pretend you’re making a blockbuster show.

My social media goes viral because it’s authentic. People once thought that I rented fast cars and a one-time set to make it look like I lived in a cool place. Snapchat beautifully exposes the truth. You can’t fake days, months and years of daily Snapchat content. Do social media longer and people feel part of your life. As people become addicted to your social media, you have permission to occasionally blend in some marketing of your products. Most people just push products on social media—that’s a real mistake because they don’t have the engagement.

Well there you have it, an amazing critical and interview from

To your success. MyersMedia. 


SEO Trends That Are Becoming An Omnipresence in 2017

SEO Trends That Are Becoming An Omnipresence in 2017 

2016 was a great year! Some big things happened and company's that had been dominating are on another level now. 

Companies like Google were a struggle to learn the first time around. The consistent switched and upgrades in the algorithm it can be daunting to learn if you are not staying consistent with the research and use of the platform. 

First was Penguin in April 2012. 
Next was Humming Bird and now RankBrain. 

Google is literally on an unstoppable rampage with their sites set no only moving forward. 

With the right amount of planning, you will be able to come up with a secure SEO plan to become adaptable to all the changes that will continue to be made.

How may you ask? 

We would answer that question by telling you to keep reading.........

Here are a few of the SEO trend that you can be on the forefront of knowledge for in 2017. 

Are users searching keywords right? Well, Googles New RankBrain has features to combine web page indexing and the machine learning. Meaning that if your web page has a keyword and relevant content related to the keyword that was searched then the chances of your page showing up in the user's search results are quite high. 

Because there is machine learning now, there is still a chance that your web page might end up in a user's search results that were not the keyword they were searching but because of the content, the website has in it. Google does tend to place high bets on the technology. We are assuming that because of this, there will probably be updates to the technology of machine learning to rank pages in 2017. 

The Rise Of AMP:

Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP is basically a tool that allows and prompts webmasters to make some structural and aesthetic changes to their pages so that they load very fast on mobile devices. This is because most of the purchasing is online is now coming from mobile devices. AMPs, despite letting the pages load faster than normal pages, they also use fewer data. Google has confirmed that they do prefer if a website has AMPs in it. If you see a small lightning bolt on the side of the web page on search, that has AMP provided. 

It is possible that Google may release updates to AMP's in 2017 because of the trending and increasing search's coming from mobile devices rather than desktops. Because of Google producing the AMP's in 2016 to become able to web pages, now in 2017 they are highly favoring it. Thus meaning that if you do have a website that is AMP comparable, your Search Engin Optimization rank will rise. 

Voice Search And Attention:

With Apple's Siri and Microsoft's Cortana going under a lot of now improvements, Gooogle is recognizing that they were slacking and are now not far behind with this technology making it each and ever day more human like. In fact, Google's voice search now is efficiently taking relevant pieces into account to answer users questions. 

This meaning that if your web page is answering questions to people's questions related to your niche, then your web page is now "voice search optimized". If you are looking at the current trends with the voice searching you will realize that it is becoming more of a trend and you may realize that you can also get in front of this with some innovation and smart working. 2017 may come with some updates with the voice search and SEO ranking. 

Schema To Organize Content:

"Schema markup is a code (semantic vocabulary) that you put on your website to help the search engines return more information results for users. If you have ever used rich snippets, you will understand exactly what schema markup is all about."
- Google 

This is a huge thing to have if you are looking for the next up on you competitors and it has been for a while. This improves click through ratio and helps with the rate of traffic going to your site. 

With RankBrain in the picture, the search engines now require a clear picture for the understanding of exactly what you do and what you are offering. This makes Schema much more valuable, especially in this coming year, 2017. 
Put in some time to research schema types and markups as much content as you can. That should give you a head start in 2017. 

Final Tip: 

Google will give people a higher ranking if they have HTTPS on their website links. They say that it is ensuring the safety of the user and this will translate into more traffic to your site. 

The lack of this will place you on even decent websites...... 

Thanks for reading, hope it helped.


To your success, MyersMedia™












Fascinate, How To Make Your Brand Impossible To Resist

Have you ever tried online dating? Tinder, plenty of fish, or Christian mingle, 

You are not alone... actually, you and 91 million other people are using these apps and platforms to find the person they are looking for or the night they are looking to have if you know what I mean. 

But this post isn't about to try to convince you that you should start paying $29.99 a month and invest your time into that as well. NO, this post is about selling yourself. Selling your brand, and the importance of this. 

Think about it, for people to pay attention to you, they have to fall in love with whatever it is you are selling. Let's just use the topic we are on with selling yourself, online dating. 

So for example, let's say that you are on one of the many dating sites.  


Oh, wait... your perfect match had just messaged you.. but all they said was just "hi". That's it, just a simple hello... and now because all that this "Romeo" or "Juliet" said to you was hello. It didn't spark your interest, it did nothing but go into the pile of other potential candidates that just said "hello". They gave no reason for you to even try to fall in love with who they are. They did not sell themselves. 

The problems that this person came across is that (S)he is competing against others. Lots of others. 

Now you could have the lowest price, the hottest body, be the smartest person in the room, BUT IF NO ONE KNOWS ABOUT YOU, NO ONE WILL CARE..... 


Creativity does not live in a vacuum. 
It is also not just creativity but its distraction. 
Distraction was not a problem back in the day where it uses to be 20 minutes long. Years past and it just kept decreasing and decreasing to now it is at a point where neurologists say that we are not just learning to think faster, but we are also learning to think smaller. 

BBC has released a report that the "addictive nature of web browsing can leave you with an attention span of 9 seconds"

9 seconds... That is the same attention span as a goldfish. 

What this means is that the person that could potentially be the person for you, well they have 9 seconds to capture your attention. 

Now you can't get a product launched in 9 seconds, you can't fall in love or establish a connection in 9 seconds, but what does happen in that amount of time is INTRODUCTIONS. Every single day. 

If you knock on the door the right way, then you get to have the connection or to do the sales pitch or fall in love. 

We as people want to be fascinated. Our brain is hardwired to find things that interest you, that is why you do what you do. It's that awe feeling. 

And we as people, or businesses or sales people, can learn to tap into this, the world is yours. 

As a person building a brand or selling yourself, you want to hit on these triggers, the behavioral motivators. 

There are 7 triggers; 
1. Power
2. Passion
3. Mystique
4. Prestige
5. Alarm
6. Vice
7. Trust

If you take control of these motivators you will be able to control attention for the 19 seconds and open the door. These are the keys to the store that will open the door. 

Let take a look at what these triggers do and the response behind them: 

1. Power= Take command, this is an omnipresent's in the market, the field. Think of google for this trigger. 

2. Passion= Emotional, it is irrational, it's an irresistible attraction. There was a study done at the new york times that "people are not buying the new iPad for reasons that are rational, but because it looks "sexy". This is the passion trigger at work. 

3. Mystique= Aroused curiosity. Wanting to know that last piece to the puzzle 

4. Prestige= Increase respect, it's I want that, it elevates. 

5. Alarm= Driving urgency. This is what amazon uses, it has to be there in 3-5 days, NOW, NOW, NOW. 

6. Vice= Change the game. This is the trigger of creativity, it is deviating from the norm. Think of Groupon for this 

7. Trust= Loyalty. Builds connection through consistency and stability. It's Johnson & Johnson, you know it's going to be the same tomorrow as it was yesterday. 

We use these triggers day in and day out. If you can figure out what ones you will be able to use the best within your brand or that suit best with your personality then you will start to see amazing results. 

Thanks for reading, and to all your success

Growing A Community From Nothing To Something?

What is the best way to grow a community on social media of active followers? 

Post daily? 

Post at 3 am and 5 pm every day?
There are so many strategies and techniques that could lead to you having a big following, but it will NEVER be just one thing. You will never find that one silver bullet that once you load it and take the shot, somehow overnight you now have 1.6 million followers and 8/10 are actively engaging..... 

There are 100, 1% that go into the making of a magnificent facebook page or Instagram feed. 

Tips On Creating A Great Brand: 

1. Put out quality content out every day and engage around it. 

No one will become a sensation over night such as I had stated above.... 
The talent to put out content is only once piece of the game, that one percent that adds up to the 100 percent of the equation. 

There is an exception to this tho....  Some people do make it big on social media because of content creation. I have some friends that are huge on platforms like Instagram because of the eye capturing photos that they are taking. They simply have a creative eye and they express it with their $1ooo- $1o,ooo dollar camera. 

This exception is exactly that. If you feel like you could be part of this rare breed of people then go out and start capturing pictures and see who responds to the photos well. Do not include your mom and your girlfriend in the equation though. 

Action Steps: 

1. Have patience.

- It will take time to grow your following 

2. Figure out what your brand represents 

- Are you Suzy, the girl who loves underwater basket weaving? Perfect, figure out how you can engage others with your community and ultimately convert them into life-long customers. 

- You are not just trying to make a sale, you are creating a customer. 

3. People buy from emotion, not logic. 

- Post emotional photos that are congruent with your brand. Do NOT post 10 pages of content about how your brand is just the most intellectual purchase they will ever make. No one cares, but you. That's great, keep the knowledge..... just don't share this long form knowledge on a platform such as Instagram.